Benefits of Shamanic Energywork for Chronic Pain, After Injury or Surgery

As we learned we have an energetic field that surrounds our physical body known as the “Luminous Energy Field”. When we experience physical trauma such as an injury or through a surgical procedure the energetic body also is affected . Just as scar tissue can develop and form around the site of an injury , heavy crystallized energy can accumulate in the area and affect the Chakra closest to the wound. This can contribute to an energetic imbalance in the Chakra and although the physical wound may have healed the energetic imprint will continue to influence the physical body in some form or another. Chronic physical pain can be the result as well as symptoms relating to the Chakra may continue to manifest. It is extremely important to heal both the physical and energetic bodies simultaneously in fact energy work can facilitate healing and contribute to a speedier recovery of the physical injury. If you know you will be scheduling surgery Shamanic Energy Work can:
  • Clear the subconscious programming that causes fear and other negative emotions that can arise before, during and after the surgical procedure.
  • Protect and strengthen your energy field , keeping it intact , in order to strengthen your physical body and aid in recovery.
  • Reduces bruising, speeds recovery of broken bones and gain relief from pain.
Shamanic Energy Work scheduled before a surgical procedure can help reduce anxiety in the body, emotions and thought patterns around surgery, prepare the energy field before surgery and allows the body to adjust to forthcoming changes. Normalizing any imbalances that occur in the physical or subtle bodies on an ongoing basis , for up to one month after surgery can help restore the body to normal as much as possible. This includes addressing the muscles, tendons, meridians and chakra’s or any other aspects of the physical and subtle bodies that may start to dysfunction as a result of the surgery.