Chromotherapy – “Color Therapy”

colors of the rainbow The healing colors of the rainbow are the real treasure, not the elusive pot of gold. Color is powerful and part of our everyday lives! Are you aware that color is pure energy and that each color of the rainbow vibrates at a different frequency which reach you through light rays? Did you know that the deliberate use of color in your home can help you heal or overcome obstacles and create personal power? Did you know the right or wrong use of colors can make a big difference to the success of your business? Chromotherapy is a fun and creative way to bring balance and harmony into your life!
flowers and sun Color is a part of our everyday lives. The energy of Nature’s colors greet us everyday as we are influenced by the colors carried in the light of the sun. Each color of the visible spectrum is a form of nutrition that feeds our body and soul. Color has power. It can either be sedating or stimulating, excite or calm, irritate or bring pleasure, feel hot or cold. Not only plants, animals and humans but even bacteria and chemicals show changes in behavior when exposed to different colors. Color energy comes to earth in the form of electromagnetic vibrations contained in white light. It is sensed by the eyes and interpreted by the brain to produce the visual images of color. The energy from colored light travels to the pituitary gland and triggers hormone production. Color is absorbed by the skin and effects every cell in our bodies, all cells are light sensitive so color vibrations affect their growth and behavior causing biochemical changes. Apart from taking colored light in through the eyes and skin, light is also drawn in through our body’s energy centers known as the Chakra System. The Chakra’s form part of the Auric body and are known as “Wheels of Light”. Their function is to spin and draw in “Chi” or Life Force to keep the spiritual , mental, emotional, and physical health in balance. The Chakra’s interpenetrate each other and correspond with a particular color frequency, endocrine gland, or part of the human body. These parts of the body also vibrate at sympathetic frequencies, and a particular color will correspond to the area of the body that shares the same frequency. Chromotherapy is also called “Color Therapy” and has been used for thousands of years. Today it is classified as a Vibrational Healing Modality and is complimentary and holistic . It works in subtle ways along with other types of treatment, although it can be used alone with excellent results. It is non invasive and makes use of the healing energy contained in the visible rays of color. By creating a balance of color energies specific to you, harmony and balance can be achieved promoting health and wellbeing. Ways to balance color energy include: Treating the Chakra System with colored light, Color Puncture and Reflexology using special blends of essential oils, Color Breathing and Meditation, Aromatherapy, Colored Glasses, Silk Scarves, Solorized Water, Diet, Dress and Design of your environment and Sound Healing.

Benefits of Color Therapy

  • Balance energy/ Chakras
  • Aid in Creativity and learning
  • Release energetic blocks
  • Promotes sleep
  • Aids in recovery from illness and surgery
Historically Chromotherapy has been used as a complimentary treatment for a wide range of illness’s such as:
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Skin Disease
  • Digestive Ailments
  • Blood and Circulation problems
  • Fevers
  • Pain Relief
  • Thyroid problems etc.
  • Neurologists have found that children with Autism may be helped by the use of color. Specifically the color red seems to counteract the over firing of the High and Mid Brain.
  • Wearing blue and turquoise colored glasses have been indicated to help dyslexics to read.
  • Blue colored glasses may help relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Diskinesia Tremors.

Color in the environment

flowers and living space Color is one of the major factors determining our relationship to our environment., and how it looks and feels. When colors in our environment harmonize with our own color vibrations we can relax and feel ourselves. Did you know that babies cry more in rooms that are painted yellow, Orange can stimulate hunger, the color pink used in prison’s can calm prisoners and weightlifters give more powerful performances in rooms painted blue? Modern Medicine understands the healing properties of different colors and many hospitals now use appropriate colors for the decoration of wards with very positive results. The topic of the healing environment on patient health has become a topic of interest for researchers, health professionals, and patients advocates. The positive effects associated with a well designed health care environment are reduced stress, improved sleep, a reduction in pain, and improved patient satisfaction. (Ulrich RS. Effects on Interior Design on wellness: theory and recent scientific research. Journal of Health Care Interior Design. 1991:97-109).


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