Tranquil Flow Sessions & Rates

Massage and Energy Work

Introductory Massage

massage therapy durham north carolina 60 min – $50.00 Refer a friend and get another session at $45.00

Therapeutic Massage Session

(Any choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial, Muscle Release Technique , Trigger Point and Warm Bamboo or combination tailored to fit needs of clients) 60 min – $80.00 75 min – $95.00 90 min – $110.00

Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work for Chronic Pain

90 min – 110.00 (Includes Reiki and Chakra Balancing) 120 min – 130.00 (Includes Massage, Reiki and/or Shamanic Clearing of Crystalized Energy followed by Illumination.) Beneficial for those suffering from Chronic Pain combining traditional massage with energy work to help facilitate healing on a deeper level at the source.

Signature Tranquil Flow Massage Session for Hips, Legs and Feet

60 min – $80.00 (Lower body only) 90 min – $110.00 120 min – $125.00 (Includes Foot Soak and Foot Scrub) Great for runners, dancers and anyone with hip, leg and feet issues including Plantar Fasciitis, Fallen arches, Shin Splints, Neuromas, Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome etc. Includes Muscle Release Technique, Myofacial, and Integrative Reflexology and Warm Bamboo. (Note: Initial Consultation is suggested to evaluate and determine treatment plan, please call office to set up) massage and energy work

Signature Tranquil Flow Holistic Massage and Energy Work Session

Combination of Massage and choices of Shamanic Energy Work, Integrative Reflexology featuring Color Reflexology with Chakra Oil Blends, Color Acupuncture, and Color Light Box Therapy as well as Color Breathing and Meditation and Chakra Balancing tailored specifically to meet the needs of the client. 90 min – $110.00 120 min – $140.00

Integrative Reflexology

foot massage

Integrative Reflexology

45 min – $50.00 60 min – $80.00 (includes warm bamboo)

Holistic Reflexology

Color Reflexology using Crystal Light Torch or Color Therapy Oils. Chakra Balancing through the feet and warm Bamboo. 75 min – $80.00

Chromotherapy (Color Therapy) Sessions

Available as a stand-alone session or may be integrated into Massage and Energy Work sessions. 60 min – $65.00 75 min – $80.00

Options / Tools

Crystal Light Torch, Color Reflexology, Crystal Treatments

Irradiation: Color Space Illuminator irradiates the entire body with Colored Light based on imbalances in the Chakra System and can be done with Massage. Chromotherapy Lamp: Directional light is administered to various parts in and around the body with ease and relies on a specific Color and it’s complimentary Color which produce alternating vibrations which moves blocked energy and helps re balance Biofield. Color Breathing, Affirmations and Meditation Note: For Color Therapy treatment ,client must wear white or neutral colors.

Crystal Light Torch, Color Reflexology, Crystal Treatments

Color Personality Test (Optional) – $60.00 75 min Chakra Balancing – $80.00 (Includes Color Therapy Oils, Crystal Light Torch, Irradiation or Chromotherapy Lamp, Sound)

Crystal Healing

Stand alone or integrated into Holistic Massage and Energy Work Sessions 60 min – $60.00 75 min – $75.00 Please see Massage Book for Special Package offers.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

shamanic healingInitial session allowing us to address your concerns and uncover one or more origins of old unwanted patterns. This will enable us you to understand how these experiences have been brought forward and how they can limit your power to create new experiences. $120.00 – (Typically 120 min.)

Ongoing Shamanic Healing Sessions

After initial session fees are: $75.00 – (Typically 90 min.)

Chakra Therapy Sessions!

Inside every human being is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside Physical world. At the same time within us resides a subtle system of channels and centers of energy known as Chakras. chakra therapy The subconscious is connected to the Chakras, drawing from the perceptions of every experience a person has ever had whether positive or negative. Chakras can be open, stagnant, blocked, excessive or deficient or any of the stages in between. Blocked or imbalanced Chakras can have a significant impact on the entire system and can cause symptoms physically (illness, pain), mentally, emotionally or spiritually. An assessment will be done to determine where the imbalance is located and treatment can be provided in a variety of ways (Including Shamanic Energy Work, Chromotherapy, Sound, Aromatherapy, Positive Affirmations, Guided Imagery and Physical Exercise). Benefits include faster and greater ability to heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges, easier release of non supportive patterns, increased passion for life and increased healing and strengthening of the immune system – to name a few. Option 1 1 session 75 mins – $75.00 (Evaluation and treatment of Specific Chakra Imbalance with self care instructions) Option 2 Series of 7 sessions 75 mins – $60.00 per session ($15.00 off for booking series) Creative, fun, educational and healing these sessions include self care instructions so clients can learn to notice imbalances and take measures to bring harmony and balance into their own lives. Please feel free to book online through MassageBook