Methods of Shamanic Healing Practices

shamanic healing

The Illumination Process

The Illumination process achieves healing in three ways:
  1. Burns up sludge and deposits that adhere to the walls of the Chakra. This strengthens the Immune Response and promotes longevity.
  2. It combusts the toxic energy around the negative emotional and physical imprints in the Luminous Energy Field.
  3. It scours clean the Imprints on the Luminous Energy Field (LEF).
The Shamanic Practitioner and the client meet to discuss issues of concern. Once the concern is addressed, the practitioner encourages the client to relax while the LEF is assessed for the locations of blockages and works with the client to clear and transform the heavy energy into light which can be likened to transmuting emotional wounds into sources of strength and power. It is not a psychological process in which the client recalls trauma from the past and discusses it with a therapist it is an energetic process. It can elicit painful memories and emotions are experienced which when cleared leave the client with a sense of peace and well being. Depending on the issues that are addressed this process can take several sessions similar to peeling layers off an onion.

Extraction of Crystallized Energy

Crystalized energy is misplaced energy and can form in a variety of ways. It is negative energy and can become hardened and palpable. It cannot be removed by the Illumination process and has to be approached differently. This energy can form as a result of stress. Stress is known to effect health and can cause headaches, backaches and ulcers. Emotions can take the form of energy and if not expressed in a healthy way can be stored in the physical body manifesting as illness. Some people carry stress in their shoulders, others in their stomachs. Negative energy can be projected onto us by other people in the form of anger, jealousy, envy, or hatred and is toxic. Our energetic fields act as both transmitters and receivers. Conflicts with people who are angry with us can deliver heavy crystallized energy from that person into our energy fields. You may have heard the statement, “She stabbed her in the back.” as an example. This cannot be metabolized through the Illumination process and is comparable to petrified wood which can no longer burn. Physical injury and surgery can contribute to crystallized energy as well and can effect the Chakra closest to the injury. One way of preventing this from occurring is to have energy work done as soon as possible to aid in the healing process. The extraction and removal of crystallized energy is then followed by the Illumination Process to balance the energy and promote further healing.

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs whenever a person suffers a physical or emotional trauma and can be described as an adaptive mechanism. In psychological terms this is called dissociation . It is a form of self protection and not necessarily considered a negative thing. Soul loss can occur as a result of either physical or emotional abuse, accidents, injury, surgery, war, natural disasters , divorce or the loss of a loved one etc. When a person experiences trauma a part of ourselves flees the body in order to survive the experience. It is a form of self protection.. It is part of the human experience. The disassociated soul part carries with it the pain, shock, memory and emotion of the experience which at the time to the sufferer may be unbearable. Soul loss can also occur over a long period of time if a person is experiencing constant criticism , neglect, or any other circumstance that can contribute to low self esteem and power loss. What ever the cause of soul loss the effects are much the same. Symptoms of soul loss:
  • Chronic Depression
  • Chronic Illness, Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of vitality
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Difficulty staying present
  • Tendencies towards addictions
  • Inability to feel and receive love
  • Self Sabatoge and negative self talk
  • Pervasive sense of insecurity
  • Chronic Fatigue, Weakened Immune System
Other Causes of Soul Loss:
  • Prolonged anxiety and fear
  • Prolonged chronic pain
  • Shame and guilt
  • Loss and Grief

Healing Soul Loss With Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is very easy for clients. A safe space is created and held enabling the client to relax and with the clients permission the Shaman will journey with the help of a guide to locate the lost soul fragment. Once located the Shaman is shown the circumstances of the original wounding and is able to learn determine what “ Soul Contract “ was created. A soul contract is a negative statement or limiting belief that the client creates at the time that under normal circumstances he or she would never agree to. These negative contracts or obligations become recurring themes in our lives until we are able to address them , transmute them and move forward. An example of this would be ,”Attracting the same type of person or circumstance in our life over and over again, not being able to hold on to money or a job, having trust issues for no reason or certain phobias. The Shaman is able to remove the soul contract and once this is done the lost soul part is returned with a gift and a lesson that is reintegrated and empowering to the client. This is always followed by an Illumination. After the soul fragment is returned and reintegrated suggestions may be made for other healing work to help in recovery and to help prevent future soul loss. Soul retrieval can have immediate results , or none at all to begin with. Multiple sessions may required depending on the severity of the soul loss. Sometimes healing takes place in layers. I myself have experienced both immediate results and results that have taken a longer time to process. Everyone is unique and will experience healing in their own way.

Energetic Cord Cutting

“Have you ever met someone and felt either instantly attracted to them or repelled for no reason”? More than likely you were intuitively sensing their energetic field. Thought forms and emotions that we have are extensions of our energetic fields and when we talk to , think about, or have emotions for another person we are sending our energy to them and creates an energetic trail. Healthy cords create a nurturing sharing of information while unhealthy cords can be a huge drain on our energy or a means of control. Unhealthy cords form between two people where there is or has been a connection based on dependence. They can form when there is a fearful attachment, scared to be alone, afraid to be lonely, or even if you have decided to move on from a relationship and find it difficult to let go. Symptoms of Unhealthy Cord Attachment
  • Unable to move on
  • Unable to sleep, endless processing of the past
  • Thinking or obsessing about a person
  • Feelings of wanting to get revenge
  • Stuck in the past
  • Temptation to go back into a relationship that no longer serves you
  • Constantly aware of unfair treatment
  • Confusing love with dependence.
Interestingly painful and traumatic experiences created in relationships can be carried in your soul memory and into your next relationship and if unresolved can attract to you people and circumstances that resonate with that same frequency continuing the cycle over and over again leaving you to wonder why you keep attracting the same type of relationships into your life. The process of energetic cord cutting is an important step in completing past relationships and enabling your soul to close the chapter and move onto higher relationships and experiences.

Mending the Past; Healing Ancestral Wounds

We know that we inherit our body type, eye color and hair from our ancestors but we also have inherited energetic signatures from their DNA. This not only includes their joy and pain but includes unhealed wounds and unfinished business. Soul loss can also travel through family lines as well as deep unexpressed emotions that include grief, fear, guilt and shame. We are often unconscious of how the energy of our ancestors wounds inform how we think and act in everyday life. This is why we see unhealthy patterns repeat themselves over and over again passed down through generations. Ancestral healing involves clearing the imprint from your energetic body by integrating several Shamanic healing methods over several sessions. It helps us to step out of the patterns we have lived and allows us to move forward with clarity and forgiveness enabling us to make peace with our family history as well as breaking patterns for future generations.

Destiny Retrieval

A Destiny Retrieval is done after several healing sessions are completed over a period of time and at the discrimination of the Shamanic Practitiioner. Shamans believe that we all came into the world with a specific “Soul Contract “ or “ Life Purpose”. through life’s trials and tribulations we often loose touch with what that is. There is a point in time during the souls journey that we must stop looking back and begin to look forward.. The purpose of a Destiny Retrieval is to journey to the Upper World and harmonize with the Divine . We can connect with an aspect of our higher selves and our full potential that already exists and anchor it into the present moment so that our physical , emotional and energetic bodies have a clear compass for where we are heading. If necessary we can learn where we need to shift our energy in order to accomplish a specific goal.

End of Life Transition

One of the greatest honors for a Shamanic Practitioner is to help facilitate the end of life transition. At the end of life one of the greatest gifts we can give our loved one is the support they need to complete this lifetime and cross over to the other side . Shamans view death as the great journey home and a return to the Divine The Shaman mentors Death Rites helping to ensure that when it is time for the soul to transition the Soul makes its journey in a cleaned and healed state. The Shaman spends time with your loved one listening to their stories and helps guide the family in Recapitualtion. This is when it is important for family members to spend time talking and remembering, saying I love you’s I am sorry, I forgive you etc. In addition to our supportive presence and prayers the Chakras are cleared and Illumined making it easier for the transition. All Seven Chakras are cleared removing any heavy energy and emotions followed by a process that helps release the Luminous Energy Field from the physical body, preparing it to pass easily and completely. This can be done over a period of several days or longer. In the event that a loved on passes suddenly or unexpectedly the rites are still performed as well as helping the family honor the passing of the loved one that can be releasing and healing for those left behind.

Seven Chakra Illumination

The Seven Chakra Illumination clears everything at the energetic level. It works with all of the Chakra’s and all issues at one time. This should be done as maintenance once a year for someone who has already been receiving shamanic healing, or someone preparing to cross over.


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