Shamanic Healing

Are you ready to……

Re- Unite with lost parts of yourself, dreams and desires? Understand the deeper design of your life, patterns, your beliefs, soul contracts? Clear blockages, let go of anxious feelings and depression? Increase clarity, your energy and inspiration? Connect to your higher self? Create the type of life you have always dreamed of?
massage therapy table I became certified as a Shamanic Healer and am a full Mesa Carrier in the tradition of the Q’uero Shamans of the Peruvian Andes as taught by “Four Winds Society” and am certified in Energy Healing for Massage Therapists and Reiki 1. “The Four Winds Society” was founded by Medical Anthropologist and Psychologist, Alberto Villoldo PH.D. and is an international research and training organization that brings physicians, psychologists, nurses, massage therapists and lay persons in the Shamanic tradition of Energy Healing. The Shamanic Healer strives to create balance and harmony of the spirit while also empowering the client to transmute the issues that are contributing to his or her physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges thus enabling them to accept responsibility for their own healing process. The focus is on the following aspects, Power Loss, Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval, Intrusions and Releasing, and Ancestral Work. From the Shamanic perspective, the cause of illness arises from dis-empowerment as a result of negative or traumatic life experiences or when we make choices that are not in alignment with our higher selves. aura One of the most important aspects is one of empowerment of the client and this includes deconstructing subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints that do not support the clients wellbeing and physical health. Without proper resolution on the emotional and spiritual levels, conditions can reemerge time and time again even though they may seem to have physically healed. .Shamanic Energy work gently addresses imbalances in the body and restores balance in the subtle body by releasing blocks, flushing out stagnation and reestablishing a renewed flow of energy that promotes healing and a sense of wellbeing. At times physical conditions do not respond to traditional treatment such as Allopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Massage and Chiropractic etc. I n situations involving chronic pain releasing energetic blocks that are stored in the energy field can be key to resolving chronic issues that have been manifested in the physical body. Energy work can also help identify issues before they manifest as pain or similar disruptions in the physical body by bringing attention to the areas that we need to work on and heal in order to create balance, maintain health and vitality in our lives. Shamanic Healing is complimentary and adjunct to traditional medical and psychological services and addresses the spiritual nature of illness .( Please see Disclaimer) shamanic healing “Shamanism is based on the teachings of the earth, of direct communication with nature. Shamanic healing practices help us to reconnect to the earth and to our own inner nature because they are founded on disinheriting the immune system, and exhilarating the body’s ability to heal itself so that we can return to our natural state of wellness and being. In doing so we, discover that we are not walking the world alone, but are fully supported by an inexhaustible resource-spiritually, energetically,emotionally.” Alberto Villoldo PH.D For those interested in scientific studies that have been carried out that show how energy medicine practices can directly effect the healing process (See James L. Oschman, PH.D., Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Dr. C. Norm Shealy, Energy Medicine Practical Applications and Scientific Proof for an overview of some completed scientific studies.)
Essentially everything is alive Energy and matter are the same. Everything is vibration. Everything that exists is an energy system within an energy system. Everything exists and is connected to everything else in a web of energy or life. Unseen /Inner/Spiritual reality affects visible reality.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

  • Remove Energy Blocks
  • Correct Chakra Imbalances
  • Break old patterns
  • Enhance ability to create desired life changes
  • Increased vitality and power
  • Expanded sense of wholeness and wellbeing
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Understand yourself and your soul contracts
  • Reconnects to your higher self

Shamanic Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies

See the SPACE CLEARING page.


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Shamanic Healing, Energy Work, Integrative Reflexology and Chromotherapy are natural, complementary and adjunct to Western Medicine.

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